My OutDesk Inc. Virtual Assistant Cost Structure

MyOutDesk Inc. is a California based business process services company with delivery offices located in the United States and the Philippines. By having MyOutDesk Inc. virtual assistants (VAs) work from their fully-equipped home offices in Southeast Asia, we are able to offer significant cost savings to our clients compared to similar USA based service providers who may charge anywhere from $15 to $50 per hour. MyOutDesk Inc. is able to offer better service and results for an average range of $8.60 to $9.60 per hour.

Affording a VA

We have flexible options just for you!

You can either get an:

1. Advanced level VA for only $8.60 an hour, who can complete all of the above, but also may have experience managing a staff of 30 people or more, experience working in a customer service environment, and has exposure to the culture and business practices of the United States.

  • Website management/maintenance
  • Manage Emails /Phone Calls from Buyers Agents and Potential Buyers
  • Social Media
  • Basic SEO
  • Online Management of client web portals(submitting messages to your clients)
  • Social Media
  • Listing/editing on the MLS
  • Basic SEO
  • Online Management of client web portals (submitting messages to your clients)
  • ISA functions
  • Offers and Contracts

Note: The .60/hour will cover the VA’s health care and paid time off.


Salary is fixed at $1536 a month (based on a standard month of 160 hrs.).

This virtual assistant will take on a leadership position within your company. Daily work hours will be flexible, and can be adjusted until all tasks are completed.

This level is considered elite services and only the best virtual assistants are handpicked and trained as apprentices before they get placed within your company. gives you 600 live ads per month on your Craigslist posting!!***
For just $ 399/Month Craigslist Package!

Must meet the system requirement. Refer to the company’s CL addendum for details Read & Try now…


Thank you,

My OutDesk Inc.

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