Remain Productive During the Holidays with your Real Estate Virtual Assistant.

It is a well-known fact that the Real Estate Industry sees a dip in business during the holidays. With school out and people preparing for the season’s festivities not very many people are looking to strike huge business deals and such.  Despite that fact there are many ways to keep your business going. If you are one of those people who would actually like to enjoy your holidays then this is the perfect time to delegate holiday related tasks to your Real Estate Virtual Assistant.

  1. Send Out Holiday Greetings- This is a great time to send a personalized greeting to our past, current and/or potential clients. Whether it is a gift basket, some homemade treats, a postcard or even an email, use this as an opportunity to really ingrain how much you care and how much you appreciate your contacts. Include specific details to show them that you pay attention and they are important to you. For example “How is your son John doing? Last time we spoke, you told me was preparing for a semester abroad, how did that go?”
  2. Offer Special Holiday Deals- Who doesn’t love a good deal? The right offer just might pique someone’s interest enough to take time from the holiday hubbub to make a deal. Whether its freebies or rebates, offering an awesome deal can definitely be a great way to try and bring in some business.
  3. Make Follow-up Phone Calls- Prospecting during the holidays may not be met with the most enthusiasm. So instead use this time to call your past clients. Greet them and ask them how they are doing, also remind them to keep you in mind if any of their friends or family mentions needing a service that you provide during one of their holiday parties. Keep the call quick and simple but sincere.
  4. Get Ready for After the Holidays- Use the lull to zoom in on concerns that normally get set aside when business is in full swing. Update office systems, clean-up your database, or outline an action plan. Take advantage of the downtime by getting things ready for the upcoming year.
  5. Gather New Information- During this time of the year there are many conferences that are going on all over the country, do some research and see what would benefit you and your business, you may even get a vacation out of it, bring your family along! If you can’t travel, then pick-up a book or 2 related to your industry and brush-up on ideas and methods you have been wanting to look into. Read more
Stop Selling, Start Helping

The Key To Your Success

Stop Selling And Start Providing Massive Value

This is a motto we are spreading throughout the industry. Statistics on our side and prove that the more you give on the front-end for your clients, the law of reciprocity will play out in your favor.

This is the key to your success, whether you want it to be or not. Read more

How to Generate & Close 100s of Real Estate Seller Leads Online


Generally, seller listings are tougher to convert than buyer leads. This is because the seller lead is a whole different animal so to speak. When someone is looking to buy a home, they are open to looking at many types of listings and will accept information from every source that is available to them. Those looking to list their home have a tendency to be more cautious, as they have a lot more at stake. They are potentially opening up their fortress to the outside world. Matt Scheid of Prime Seller Listings talks to MyOutDesk Co-Owner Daniel Ramsey about how to capture hundreds of seller leads online and close them. Matt also shares 5 top tips for internet leads. You can click here to download the document.

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Successful Real Estate Prospecting During the Holidays

The holidays may seem like a challenging time for prospecting. With people busy getting ready for visitors, celebrations, going on vacations and the like. Many businesses don’t even bother with prospecting during this time. However, by halting your prospecting during this time, you may miss a lot of opportunities. Knowing that not many people reach out to prospects during this time of year, this may be your number one advantage. How many times have you called a prospect and heard that you are the nth person to give them a call? By prospecting over the holidays, it highly likely that you have less competition and will reach your contact under less harrowing conditions, they are most likely to be receptive to have a conversation with you, plus being that it is the holidays, they may be in higher spirits.

All you need is a plan of action. Figure out what you want to achieve this holiday Season and strategize based on your goal. Prioritize and zoom in on the things that seem attainable, remember some business is better than none at all. Utilize your prospecting team and your Real Estate Virtual Assistant, perhaps you could focus on nurturing your warm leads wishing them a happy holiday season. Continue to build upon that relationship that you have started.

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The Importance of a Good Script for Inside Sales Agents

On your team, your Inside Sale Agent or Inside Sales Virtual Assistant (ISA) is your forerunner. They are on the frontlines making calls and qualifying prospects in order to set you valuable appointments. While the volume of leads they are able to reach and the number of conversations they have is extremely important, there is one more key factor that will aid them in setting those appointments for you – scripts. A script can make or break your ISA while they are making their calls. Regardless of their number of dials, regardless of the number of conversations they are able to have, if your script is not good, it is all for naught.


A good script will have some if not all of these elements depending on the type of lead they are.

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Maximize the Potential of Reaching Your Listing Quotas

Cole Realty Resources technology provides many clients just like you with additional prospects and information on the prospects in their current database. They are able to provide this information from complied in-house files of over 130 million households and 19 million businesses. Their database is updated every 30 days to maintain quality.
Paired with a MyOutDesk Virtual Assistant, you can rapidly and efficiently grow your prospects lists and start creating more opportunities for growth. Your Virtual Assistant can access your Cole Realty account as many times as you desire, and do as many searches needed to download prospect files (annual subscription required).Your Prospecting (ISA) Virtual Assistant can then reach out to your prospects to screen, qualify and schedule meetings with you.Explore the possibilities of reaching or even exceeding your listing quotas.

For more information on Cole Realty Resources: Click Here
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Gives you the time to close more deals & focus on your core business.
Hourly rate is more affordable than skilled in-house employees. Staff without the cost of taxes, benefits, etc.
College educated and Real Estate trained staff which are dedicated to working for you.
Benefit from 40+ years combined Real Estate experience from the MyOutDesk owners, Daniel and Jason Ramsey.

Jeff Cohn, Top Agent, Shares His Secret Systems For Success


Pat Hiban, billion dollar Real Estate Agent, interviews Real Estate Rockstar Jeff Cohn, Agent for Omaha’s Elite Real Estate Group. In 2011, Jeff’s team completed 240 transactions in his first year. This year, he is on track to do over 400 units. Watch the interview below, and find out Jeff’s Secret Systems to Success, such as:

  • Creating an “assembly line” real estate team
  • Learning from the best in the industry
  • Having a robust CRM system that automates communication
  • Using a MyOutDesk Virtual Sales Assistant to screen, qualify and follow up on leads

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Virtual Marketing Assistant Helps Client Crush the Competition and Win Listings

Mike Incorvaia Jr.,an experienced Real Estate Agent, closed 200 deals last year by using a MyOutDesk Virtual Marketing Assistant. This year, they are on track to close 300-400 deals, grossing approximately $50 million in volume.

What is Mike’s secret weapon? His listing presentation which was created by his Real Estate Virtual Assistant. He also uses several professionally branded marketing pieces (Step by step Process Guide, Sample Mobile App Flier, Sample Congratulations Flier, Sample Flier) to generate leads and stay in touch with his prospects.
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Outbound prospecting using a Virtual Assistant to call your leads and create more listings!

On this interview Christina Banaga who is an industry leading real estate professional and business coach. With over 15 years experience in real estate sales and management tells us how she hired a VA through My Outdesk and has turned that VA into a lead generating machine…setting multiple appointments for her team each and every day.

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The Best Practices for Lead Response Management

MyOutDesk is a virtual assistant company that has more than 550 people calling leads and functioning as an ISA or administrative assistant for realtors across the country. We help realtors hire virtual assistants for their office for both administrative tasks and for sale support roles.
Zillow hired us to do calling across the country and we found some interesting data (we called more than 5,000 leads a month):

  • We set more appointments between 11am- 7pm than any other times.
  • Monday – Friday are still the best days to make live contacts.
  • Tuesday and Wed were the best days for converting leads.

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